Sonics E-Press Ultrasonics plastic welder

Sonics E-Press Ultrasonics plastic welder

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The advanced GX Series power supply provides superior microprocessor control and consistent reliability for both the Model 2050EP (20 kHz) and Model 4050EP (40 kHz). Power supplies feature smart-logic, user-friendly navigation, convenient frequency display and digital amplitude control. E-Press ultrasonic plastics assembly systems feature a stepper motor drive with optical linear encoder that provides superior precision control with a weld depth tolerance of +/-0.0003 inches (0.008 millimeters).

Sonics (Sonics & Materials, Inc.) 20kHz & 40kHz Ultrasonic Electropress High Precision Plastics Weld
  • Main features of E-Press Series

  • Precision controlled weld depth tolerance of +/- 0.008 mm

  • Electric stepper motor drive/optical encoder

  • Programmable digital force, velocity, distance

  • Two weld velocities for precise melt-down control

  • Absolute and incremental distance modes

  • Digital force triggering

  • Calibration pulse prior to every weld cycle

  • Automatic frequency tuning

  • Soft Start Overload Protection Circuitry

  • Load Regulation Circuitry

  • Multiple job storage

Product Brief: Provides exceptional depth-of-weld control with stepper motor drive and programmable velocity stepping. Include 40kHz and 20kHz.

Technique specifications:

Absolute distance control1 - 70mm (Resolution: 0.01mm)
Collapse control0.01 - 12.7mm (Resolution: 0.01mm)
Trigger ( Load Cell)Digital force trigger:50-650N (Resolution: 1N)
Decent velocity controlTravel / Weld 1 / Weld 2
Max. travel velocity102 mm / sec
Velocity during weld cycle0.025 - 12.7 mm / sec
Max. force2200 N
Max. stroke89mm
Auto tuningStandard
Amplitude controlDigital 20-100%
Frequency displayStandard
Output power displayStandard
Input PowerAC200-240V (50/60Hz)

Power Supply with built-in Stepper Controller

Sonics (Sonics & Materials, Inc.) 20kHz & 40kHz Ultrasonic Electropress High Precision Plastics Weld

Brand Name
2050EP / 4050EP
20kHz, 40kHz
Motive Power
Control Mode
Drive Method
Stepper motor
400 - 3500W
Place of Origin
United States
Ultrasonic - welding, cutting, staking and inserting